Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Teaching Communication in the Emergency Medicine Setting

Effectively communicating is an integral part of every healthcare job. However, the need to effectively communicate is a bit more acute in the emergency room setting. ED professionals know that even a minor breakdown in communication could mean the difference between life and death. So is there a way to teach new doctors effective communication skills before they ever make it to the ED? Perhaps. A group of professionals who put together a proposal recently published by the Journal of Emergency Medical Services believes simulation is the way to go.

Future emergency medicine physicians already experience simulations that teach them basic medical procedures that they will be performing as a matter of routine. The idea is to use simulations to allow them to practice the techniques so that they eventually become rote. By the time they are ready for real-world application, they are not having to think through those procedures step-by-step. They can do them quite naturally.

The proposal for using simulation to teach effective communication skills is based on the same principle. The proposal authors address a number of different skills broken down into two categories: meta objectives and specific objectives. If future emergency medicine doctors can learn the skills in both categories through simulation and practice, they will be ahead of the game whether they end up as locums or permanent ED employees.

Breaking Down the Objectives

Meta objectives are defined by the proposal as those objectives that exist in every possible simulation. They are objectives that are generally accepted within the arena of emergency medicine regardless of the situation a doctor may face in any given case. The proposal mentions both advanced cardiac life support and CUS skills as examples. CUS (I am Concerned; I am Uncomfortable; this is a Safety issue) skills are those used to elevate a situation along the chain until it is properly resolved.

As for specific objectives, they are those objectives that are unique to the case at hand. They are unique in the sense that doctors have to address each of them in light of a case's circumstances. The proposal lists six of them:

  • Introducing healthcare teams to patients
  • Explaining procedures and treatments to patients and their families
  • Learning how to break bad news to families or friends
  • Learning to prepare a family for a negative outcome
  • Communicating between professionals who share responsibilities for a patient
  • Ongoing public health education.

How Simulation Can Help

Communication objectives among emergency medicine doctors are normally self-evident. The difficulty is the fact that ED doctors often have to make split-second decisions and then communicate those decisions and the effects thereof. More often than not, they do not have time to think through how they are going to explain things to other staff members, family members, and the patients themselves.

Simulation provides an environment in which doctors can learn how to effectively communicate even under stress and anxiety. It is an environment that allows future doctors to practice their communication skills without actually harming anyone. Such an environment allows them to make mistakes, and then correct those mistakes, before they ever face critical circumstances in a real emergency department.

For the record, simulations alone will never prepare the ED physician for everything he or she will experience in the real world. There are emergency medicine doctors that have been on the job for years and are still experiencing things for the first time. It is part of the package. The simulation can help teach new doctors fundamental communication skills to such a degree that they become reflexive.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

How to Use Business Strategy To Kick Start Your Career

How many times have your Goa plan with friends got canceled? Bazillion times, right? And what is the reason behind it? Untimely planning, last moment glitches, usual urgency etc. or some feud? Well, one more reason which we can add in here is a lack of strategic planning. Now imagine, all this is fine when it comes to a vacation in Goa but certainly not in business. Having a strategy by your side can help you face the stormy days with much ease. And, not only in business but also in life aspiration having a strategy can work many ways in your favor.

As for business strategy, first of all knowing what you want to sell and how do you want your product to affect the market and customer is the key. How are you going to draw a strategy depends on the various variable? What extraordinary tool do you have? What makes you stand out? Do you know how to utilize your resource to the optimum limit? Is your target feasible enough? You have to answer all these questions before designing your strategy jumping into the profit-making bandwagon. Learn business strategy by making a rough draft and making use of it, if you attain even little success in the first attempt, be rest assured that you are on the right track. Developing a professional business strategy isn’t cakewalk, it requires your perseverance and patience.

But to put it in simple words, a professional strategy is an amalgamation of knowing what you want and how to do it.

Step 1 to design a professional business strategy- Planning, every step of making something work out requires planning. Putting cloth together to make a designer piece also requires a strategy as in which design will be embroidered where. Similarly, the same goes for businesses, chalk out a plan as in when do you want to launch your product, who is your target audience, how will the audience benefit from your product and services, etc.

Tool- The second step asks you to sort out the tools and machinery you are going to use to your benefit. Your tools also include your human resources- what responsibility will they manage, how to motivate them, and are they in line with the company’s goal or not. Consider, employee engagement plans as a part of your strategy.

This is the most important step of all, to be dedicated towards your goal and make others also work towards them. Unless and until you are not clear what your target and goals are, you won’t be able to draw a successful professional business strategy. Make sure the resources you are working on are also on the same page.

Friday, 28 July 2017

How 'Convoy' Changed America's Perception of Truckers

MGM Records released a novelty song in 1975 meant to pay homage to a struggling trucking industry that was being crushed by government regulation and the tail end of the gas crisis. The song, entitled 'Convoy', went on to become the de facto anthem for the truck drivers of the day. As much as drivers loved it, the song forever changed America's perception of professional drivers and the trucking industry as a whole.

'Convoy' was written and performed by Bill Fries under the stage-name C.W. McCall. Interestingly enough, Fries originally came up with  C.W. McCall as the name of a character created for a bread company ad campaign. Little did radio listeners know that listening to 'Convoy' meant listening to a fictional conversation among truckers written by a fictional character.

Protesting Against the Man

If you are not familiar with the song, 'Convoy' is essentially the trucker's protest against 'the man'. It is the trucking equivalent of the many protest songs against the Vietnam War, corporate expansion, and intrusive government. Fries used the lyrics of the song to make some very salient points about the struggles of the typical trucker as he sought to eke out a living in a highly regulated environment.

Fries wrote about hauling lumber, cab-over Peterbilts, reefer trailers, and conversations over the CB radio. He wrote about what it might be like if dozens of truckers created a convoy that took over the interstate as it moved in unison mile after mile. And, of course, he wrote about the police (bears and smokies) and National Guard trying to break up the convoy.

The song was meant to be a tongue-in-cheek explanation of the trucker mindset. It was never intended to be an accurate description of how truckers actually drive or what they think about the authorities. Unfortunately, far too many people took 'Convoy' too seriously. They considered gospel in describing the true nature of truck drivers.

The Real American Trucker

At C.R. England, a Utah-based carrier specializing in temperature-controlled freight, they employ solo company drivers, team drivers, and independent contractors. They run one of the largest fleets in the nation. C.R. England officials can testify that the picture of truck drivers painted in 'Convoy' was inaccurate than, just as it is today.

The typical American truck driver is an honest, hard-working individual just trying to make a living. Truck drivers work more hours and under some of the most stressful conditions imaginable. Yet they do their jobs every single day.

Truckers are not heading out looking to do battle with the police. They are not trying to circumvent federal and state regulations out of a desire to 'stick it to the man'. They are trying to get from point A to point B while avoiding trouble along the way. They could really use the support of the American public and the government regulators that are supposed to be working for them rather than against them.

Trucking a Great Career Choice

One last thing 'Convoy' did was to convey trucking as an industry populated by outlaws and ne'er-do-wells. C.R. England asserts that such a reputation is very much undeserved. They insist that trucking is a great career choice that provides stable, long-term employment and good wages without the need for a college education.

'Convoy' was an excellent song, in terms of its entertainment value, at a time when America was in great turmoil. But entertainment is all it was. It was never intended to be an accurate reflection of truck drivers or the trucking industry. Hopefully, people understand this some 40 years later.

Legitimate Custom Writing Services

Going through college or university is indeed the toughest thing to do. Not only a student has to keep track of all his notes and other necessary documents but at the same time, he also has to keep preparing for his examination. If this was not enough, there is one more thing that haunts all the students i.e. assignments and term papers.

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So, think about it. If you can take right decisions then you will not have to worry about writing your work anymore. Simply get in touch with them and buy term papers for sale as per your requirements. 

Monday, 17 July 2017

Honor Holly 2 Plus Review A True Smartphone For Budget Smartphone


The Holly 2 Plus appears just as with other budget smartphones in front. However, it's an intriguing pattern on its rear panel that produces a feeling of unique patterns under different lighting requirements.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Why My Website Is Not Selling Anything?

It’s not a problem that your website is not generating revenue at this time simply because you’re having a huge opportunity to change and improve your website in a different way you because you have just tried something that obviously didn’t work which led you to reading this article but it doesn’t mean that you have failed, it means that you have learned that trying what you just tried didn’t not work and that experience alone well prevent you from doing the same mistake you just did.

Online Business Marketing
But remember that you can be selling a unique product with a high demand rate but you don’t know how to attract visitors to your website, which is why we are giving you those golden steps to follow in order to get to the point where you pass by

The Domain name is Gold, people would pay 5000 Dollars just for the domain name because it would have a serious impact on the search engines and it’s the very first keyword you website well rank for and never lose

The faster the service the better the results , when you instantly serve your clients and be a step ahead of them they well spread a good word of mouth about your website and visit it repeatedly bring more real traffic to your website

A Unique Website Design plants an interest in your visitors to purchase your products and services, the only common link between a Retail store and a online store is the design we find ourselves visiting a store either retail or online just because we liked the design they had which improves the chance of generating more revenue.

Social media Networks and Outdoor advertising let the world know about your website and product don’t invest 100s of dollars into this but do it yourself , usually people well spend a fortune into social networks just because they needed faster results which eventually adds a risk factor into their business and increasing their initial cost.

FAQ and “About Us” pages are seriously important every visitor to your website well always have questions about your website and because your website is not a retail store with an employee your website’s FAQ should answer the most common question and the “About us page” should answer what is your website’s mission and vision

Alexa Ranking is only for two things Gaining trust of your visitors and telling the search engine’s that your website is getting enough traffic to maintain your search engine rank but most people well instantly trust a website with a low Alexa rank which drives them to pass by a purchase decision and buy the product instantly

YouTube videos boosts your sells you shouldn’t only care about Google Page rank but you should also know that people also search on YouTube looking for products and services on a daily basis, when you embed a YouTube video in your website it well improve the chance of your visitors to purchase your products and services and generate real traffic to your website.

Now that you know how to boost your website sells you should also know that there is one simple rule that all websites well always share which is “No Website can ever make a five figure revenue overnight” depending on what your trying to Sell the more time your website well take in order to generate a good revenue covering your costs and achieving a successful website.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Find a Recession Beating Insurance Deal

As the recession continues to bite we all need to ensure that we’re getting the most value we can from our hard-earned money. That’s just as true for products like insurance as it is for the things we buy in the supermarket. So how can you be certain you’re getting the best insurance deal?

The insurance market is very competitive, so it’s always worth shopping around. If you’ve been with your current insurer for more than a couple of years then it’s probable you can find a better deal by going elsewhere. There are seldom rewards for loyalty in the current climate. Use the price comparison websites to locate the best deal. A few minutes spent entering your details on the Internet can save you a significant amount of cash. Be careful though, it’s easy to be seduced by a low price but then find that the policy doesn’t have the same features. It’s worth taking your time to ensure you’re comparing like with like. For example on things like the excess insurance can vary enormously.

Whilst you’re comparing different insurers it is worth considering the features you need on your policy. On car insurance, for example, items like loan cars and breakdown cover are included in some policies but cost extra to add to others. If there’s a feature you really need, it pays to look at all the options for providing it. By the same token if there are features you don’t need, like cover for travelling on the continent, then there’s no point in paying for them.

If you’re short of time, you may want to try using a broker. They will do the hard work of seeking out the right policy for you. Brokers also tend to have access to policies that aren’t available elsewhere.

Most of us need more than one type of insurance. If you need to insure your house, your car and maybe your pet, then it’s worth checking if you can save money by using the same company for all of them. Similarly if there are two or more cars in your household a multi-car policy may well be a good way of saving money.

Whilst you need to shop around and compare different products to find the best deal, remember that the best insurance is the one that pays out with minimal hassle when you need to make a claim. It’s therefore vital to ensure that you choose a reputable company. Check out reviews from other customers online. There’s little point in saving a few pounds only to find that you have problems when you need to make a claim.
  • Insurance Buyer’s Checklist
  • Shop around and compare prices
  • Only pay for the features you need
  • See if you can save by having multiple policies with the same insurer
  • Use a broker if you’re short of time
  • Choose a reputable insurer

Author Bio:
Johny works in SEO for a prestigious marketing company. With years of experience in copywriting he enjoys writing about travel, insurance, finance and sport. He has written this article on behalf of Unitrust Insurance Company in UAE, if you are interested to buy a Credit Insurance in Dubai then contact