Thursday, 20 October 2016

Career Counseling to Guide You

A significant relationship between the evolution of our work and our mental and physical health. The stress in any of these parts, especially the work, will threaten all other aspects of our lives and this is when professional guidance can help.

In today's economic problems attributed to downsizing, layoffs, mergers and bankruptcies, thousands and thousands of workers have lost their jobs. Several million more have been displaced family tasks within their companies and wonder how much longer they will be employed. Adding to the tensions that workers face are new bosses, computer surveillance of production, fewer health and retirement benefits, too, feel that they have to work longer and harder just to maintain their current financial status.

Workers at all levels are experiencing increased tension and anxiety, and is updating their resumes, hoping to find work, which in many cases no longer exist. Stress is definitely an interaction between individuals and any other source of demand (stress) in your environment. Stress is certainly the object or situation that the individual feels that is especially bothersome. Stress results from the assumption that the requirements are beyond a person's ability to cope.

Different people react differently on the same factors, because of their backgrounds, experiences and values. High levels of stress in employees are related to increased turnover, absenteeism, illness, decreased productivity and low morale. Career counselors are professionals who have degrees in related areas such as counseling or psychology, who have chosen to focus on the area of ​​career development. Its strength is that scholastic training in counseling to obtain, helping them to know how different personalities work in a professional environment. As counselors advance education and experience level, you will discover the highest levels of recognition of these people are.

Many employees are of concern in relation to survival rather than a new car or a new home. People's ambitions are rapidly disappearing with the reality of how it can be jobless at any time in the modern workplace. What was once taken for granted now contributing to worry and low self-esteem. flood disquieting thoughts minds of many people like: the loss of your home, retirement, pensions and health benefits, so that greater uncertainty.

Career guidance and counseling usually involves face to face interaction and interaction via telephone, letter or Internet. However, most significant of all is the interaction one by one in connection with the career counselor with the client. A career counselor refers to people who are making career decisions and choices or issues management-elected as changes, career changes, and redundancy. The issue of career decision, and also the direction of a student and progress when it comes to professional goals often play a vital role in the development of individual identity and purpose and positive self-esteem and performance interpersonal.

Need help finding the right career for you? If you're overwhelmed by the pressure of their daily work, career counseling will definitely help. Career coaches are there to listen and give you your much needed direction for your life.


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