Thursday, 20 October 2016

Give your beloved Best Red Roses this Valentine's Day

Flowers speak a unique language and when it comes to love, they can convey a million romantic messages. As Park Benjamin said, “Flowers are love's truest language”.  The Valentine's Day is that time of the year when flowers get special attention. However, it is the red roses which take the forefront in speaking out most prominently those ‘three magical words’ to your soul mate.

Red roses are also used to convey non-romantic messages like "Congratulations" and "Get Well Soon". However, their significance as the symbol of “deep love” is something which cannot be equalled by any other blossom. Symbolic of passionate and intense love, the Red Rose is the most preferred and popular Valentine's Day Flower. Every year on the Valentine’s Day, florists across the globe sell millions of roses in various hues to people who wish to express love to their sweethearts and dear ones.

Red Roses: A symbol of eternal love

Red Roses are the most popular Valentine's Day Flower. The colour red symbolises eternal love, passion, courage and respect.   It was in the 17th century that rose gained significance as the most authentic Valentine's Day flower. The belief that the Red Rose was the favourite flower of Venus – the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty, could be the reason behind it.  

Of love and red roses

Love is associated with the heart, which pumps blood into the entire body.  The red colour of the rose is therefore symbolic of the extent that a lover can go to express his love – shed his blood for his beloved. The softness of the rose petals also has a significant angle to it. They tell us about seeing the softer side of life. A true lover will always take the thorns and give only the soft flowers to his darling. Meaning a lover will keep his beloved away from all pains, just as a rose looks beautiful with all its thorns.

Impress your beloved with Best Red Roses

Roses come in varieties and in different styles. One of the most popular varieties is the long stemmed red rose. The elegance of the long stemmed rose has made it one of the most popular romantic gifts. As the classic symbol for love, long stemmed red roses have become the preferred choice for romantic occasions. These roses also come in a variety of colours, which make them a fitting gift for a multitude of occasions.

The Best Red Roses is a unique Valentine's Day gift in that it contains long-stemmed red roses and lavish foliage, beautifully styled in a hand tied bouquet. So, take your pick to display the grand gesture of romantic love through this impressive gift.


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