Saturday, 1 October 2016

Know More About Criminal Law

The term criminal law is also called penal law which refers to various bodies of rules varying from different jurisdictions and having a common characteristic of punishment imposition for non compliance of rules and regulations. The punishment of crimes is determined according to the degree of the crime either at the state level or the federal level or both depending on the crime. It also differs from where the crime was committed as the state laws come into play. People accused of committing a crime generally have certain rights which include the right to an attorney, right to a public trial, and the right to appeal. 

In the criminal law, the rights provided to criminals act as a safeguard and give them a chance to prove themselves innocent in case they have been blamed for something they did not do. These rights however can be revoked by the government depending on the scale of the crime committed, for instance, in a case where national security of a country is concerned, the accused might not get the rights mentioned above.

If a person is convicted for the crime committed, the proceedings of the criminal law could change the life of a person forever affecting his career choices, education opportunities, and personal liberties. In case of being accused of a crime committed, it is always a good idea to have a skilled defense lawyer. A criminal lawyer does not only help a person understand his rights after being accused but also help him safeguard these rights. In addition to that, a criminal lawyer always helps the accused to file a good defense against the charges imposed on him. 

The criminal law is equal for all irrespective of caste, color, creed, position, or any form of materialistic possession. The lawyer a person hires becomes the most important person for the accused as he is the only person who can save him from being convicted. To help an accused person, a lawyer must know exactly what an accused has to say and also be open about it. Whatever the accused tells the lawyer, it has to be kept confidential due to the attorney client privileges.

A criminal record follows a person forever. So it is advised that an accused is always backed up by a good lawyer to defend him. However, there are many criminals who deserve punishment but are not convicted. Trials should always be fair, and those criminals who actually commit the crime should not get away especially with heinous crimes like murder.


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