Saturday, 15 October 2016

New Trends of Home Appliances

The last exhibition IFA in Berlin in September 2010. As the top level, show the largest and most influential consumer electronics, the IFA exhibition attracts the world's best consumer electronic brands with heavy products each year. In this case, professionals can predict how the appliances will be developed globally in the future 2 to 5 years. Therefore, it can be seen as the palette of new trends that became known as follows:

First, household appliances, low energy consumption is becoming the mainstream of development. With the increase of the green economy, high efficiency and environmental protection is currently regarded as the only common goal-producing appliances. Its aim is very specific: to meet electricity demands for water and energy savings, while ensuring ease of operation. In 2010 the IFA show, many farmers brought their new energy-saving appliances in the world. For example, "Haier" presents a series of products + + that can reduce the consumption of approximately 40% of energy, "Boche" showed their new products with technology I-DOS that can save energy greatly. Moreover, the market share of high efficiency appliances is still increasing, indicating that the concept of energy saving is becoming more and more recognition. Despite having great market potential in future high-energy consumption appliances will not diminish soon, the advertising of energy-saving concept has yet to be paid much attention a.

Secondly, the concept of comfort, health and quality of life high prevalent in new equipment. In 2010 the IFA, the appliances in the program to put more emphasis on the desirability of the operation and humanized design. The technology to support these new devices include intelligent electronic control, sensors, etc and programming the machine, which can greatly reduce human labor. For example, advanced washing machines can make programs specifically for laundry, dishwashers can ensure the efficient use of water high and dry dishes with specific materials, kitchens and some mini-type devices are equipped with touchscreen , and start to work with just a touch.

Emerging trends show that the development of home appliances is coming to meet our demands of life: comfortable, efficient and in harmony with the environment. The website is related to home appliances.


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