Tuesday, 17 January 2017

How To Make Natural Home – Made Soap

Do you know that there is a way to make your own home – made soap using natural ingredients? Yes, that’s true. You can make your own aromatic soap and scafom scaffold will help you learn how to do that.

It is very fun and interesting activity to make homemade soap. Nowadays, you can effortlessly buy soaps in any store at a very affordable price, but the soap that was made with your own hands will be much healthier for the skin and more useful. Making soap and cooking at home is one of the possibilities to prove that thanks to your imagination you can create beautiful things. Making soap can sometimes be the most interesting and creative hobby you can turn into a very good business.

Homemade soap is a handmade production and with its quality and pleasant aromait cannot leave you indifferent, especially when you know how beneficial it can be to our health and skin. Hereinafter, find out how to make homemade soap and what you need to make it.

Homemade soap is a real natural product that one can make quick and easy. What you will need for that purpose are essential oils and teas that are appropriate for your skin. Natural soaps or bio soaps do not contain dyes, preservatives, artificial fragrances and additives.There are various recipes in many variations, below you can find the simplest solutions for soaps that are made of soap base and appropriate supplements.

Recipe for homemade soap


  •     350 g of palm oil
  •     350g olive oil
  •     89,5g caustic soda
  •     231g water
  •     10 ml of essential oil (optional)

The process of making homemade soap:
Water and caustic soda should be mixed until melted. Combine all of the oils in a vessel and heat it to be mixed. It is very important that the melted soda and mixed oils are at the same temperature, and only then they can be mixed. After that, the mixture that was mix should be put in a blender and blended until it becomes thick and uniform. After this procedure, you have the base your soap. Now you can add essential oil of your choice (lavender essential oil, eucalyptus ...), you can add color to your soap if you want, all of this is optional and it depends on your personal taste. After adding all the desired substances, mixtures need to be put into appropriate molds and wait one day. After 24h soaps can be removed from the mold, but it is necessary that they "mature", which will take 4-6 weeks after making. Yes, it is a long process but you will definitely love this amazing product. After using it, you will not be able imagining to use chemical soaps that we purchase from stores. You will feel the benefits on your skin immediately after the first using. You can use different ingredients to achieve different aromas.


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