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Spy Tech – Killer of Privacy

Once upon a time, a person guarded his privacy with his life. But now as the time has evolved, privacy has been reduced to a relative term where it only matters when a person chooses for it to matter. In an age where we document everything that we do online from what we have had for lunch that day to what we are feeling at any particular hour privacy has become obsolete, whenever we talk about privacy the sort of privacy we sought out is usually from people that have to answer to or authority figures of sorts that might be disappointed in us for our choices in life. Therefore even if one might want to argue that spy tech has technically murdered privacy and security, we have to also admit that we are we are responsible for it to some extent. How? Well, manipulating the use of monitoring apps and providing sick people with the data they might need at our free will. For instance:

Kids’ Safety at Stake

Stalking is as bad as it can get. With thousands of people working to make sure that everybody feels safe in their homes and in their own skin, it cannot be done until the technology is on their side too as technology is responsible for enabling people to stalk people digitally. Therefore, as a parent, you might be able to intercept and stop the person trying to harm your child in anyway by keeping an eye on them both digitally and in person using spy apps and physical monitoring. But then again the ones stalking them would also be using spy applications, once again leaving no room for privacy in the world as we know it.

Release of Business Secrets

Not all employees in a workspace are given access to all the company’s trade secret. Only a handful of employees in any given workspace are granted access to them and as they should be, they are watched like a hawk. A business is nothing without the foundation it is built on and that foundation needs to be protected at all costs. Therefore, even though spy apps are notoriously bad in the wrong hands, they are still some of the most excellent means to keep an eye on employees that have the access to such information by keeping a very close digital eye on the employees’ email, call and message logs of all sorts and ensure that your company’s trade secrets are secured.

Partner’s Security on The Line

A standard couple, working all hours of the day needs an electronic device to stay in touch with each other more out of necessity than anything else. They might not only be trading locations with one another but sharing pictures and other data that in the wrong hands can act as a virtual weapon of mass destruction that is capable of ruining their lives in multiple ways. While spying apps maybe an amazing tool to help spouses keep each other safe, yet if someone else uses spy apps to stalk even one of them their entire existence could be at potential risk.

Loss of Confidential Data

It is one thing to have someone exploiting your privacy by taking a peek into whatever you are doing and whoever you are talking to and then following you around wherever you go but it is an entirely different thing when that person uses the data he/she has collected over a period of time such as nude pictures, sexts or secrets that can potentially destroy you to exploit you and ruin your reputation by leaking it all online where everybody you know can see it too.

The Bottom Line

Fire and Water, both are needed to survive in this world, yet they themselves are very much capable of putting that survival at risk. Similarly, spy applications are a blessing in disguise for many, especially if they have a mentally ill or a disabled person to look after, or even if they have a young teen or a spouse whose various activities and job requirement makes him keep odd ours. Additionally, they prove excellent monitoring tool if parents have to deal with a rebellious child at home or a cheating partner or an employee with a serious lack of work ethic. All in all, spy apps kill privacy as effectively as disinfectants kill microbes and germs, yet no one can deny how useful they can be if put to use in the right way.

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