Thursday, 2 February 2017

How to Find the Right Sneaker

Buying sneaker shoes is not as simple as it seems. Even the kids footwear comes in a huge range of variety. The reason for this is the variety of fabrics and the level of comfort with newer technologies. But with this fierce competition amongst the sneaker brands, the customers end up in a dilemma. Buying wrong sneaker shoes and for a wrong purpose might cause an injury and higher level of discomfort. Also, this might become a topic of funny conversation amongst your friends. To avoid this malfunction and give you an insight about right sneaker for the right purpose, we have jotted down a few points that might help you the next time you buy sneakers.

Shop late in the day:
Physicians suggest that human feet swell during the evening and become flattered at the soles. To avoid discomfort, it is thus advisable to shop late in the evenings. This gives you a correct measure of your foot and its size.
Shopping online? Keep these in mind

Be sure about your size and check a few times before you finalize the payment. Cross check between various size standards viz. American and European. If you are buying training shoes, then buy a larger size because there must be some space between your toes and the ends of the sneaker. This allows the socks to fit in and your foot to breathe.

Your skin might be allergic to certain fabrics. Therefore, make sure that you buy shoes with the suitable fabric.

Want Running shoes?
Running shoes are meant for vertical movements only. They might cause a bit discomfort if used for lateral movement. These shoes have an extra layer of foam to allow the shoes to absorb the excessive pressure that your body exerts on your feet while running.

Do you play Tennis?
There is specific footwear for Tennis. They have rubber soles and are designed to handle the Tennis terrain. Tennis players require a firm grip while playing. These sneakers give a perfect balance of comfort and grip as desired by Tennis players.

Have you got some grooves?
Special sneakers are designed for dance performers. Since dancing has lots of twists and turns, thus the shoes used for these purposes must have the qualities of an aerobic and tennis shoes.

Barefoot shoes:
 These are the all-rounder shoes. They can be used for running, walking or cross-training. Multiple purposes can be fulfilled by these shoes.
Some terms you must know:

Heel collar: This is used to pad your ankles and prevent your foot from slipping out of the shoes

Heel counter: This gives structure to the shoes and is made of plastic

Outsole: Typically made of carbon rubber, it helps to provide traction while running and exercising.

Midsole: It is usually made from a layer of the sole which helps in absorbing shock and distribute the pressure evenly on foot.

So, here we conclude our small informational article. We hope you gained some insights which will help you buy better sneaker shoes amongst the available choices.


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