Monday, 27 February 2017

Keep your baby safe from sunlight

Summer is one of the longest seasons in tropical countries like India. It is dry at some places and very humid on other parts but the common thing is the scorching heat. This scorching sun light is very painful as it can affect too he human bodies both externally and internally. In fact, one needs to take care of their skin especially in summer to save them from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun.

When a grown up’s skin is in danger then a toddler is even more in danger when they are expose to the scorching heat if summer. They have a very soft and sensitive skin and that is why; they get easily affected by sun rays. One needs to protect them with extra care. There is mamaearth baby skin care products India which can help you to retain the soften and tenderness if your baby’s skin even in sultry summer.

There are few steps which you need to follow to keep your baby’s skin soft and supple. If you follow these skin care tips, then things become easy.

  • A baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive. If they are taken on harsh sun light they can easily get a sun burn. Sun burns damage the skin in a very bad way and at the same time it does hurts a lot. That is why; it is very painful for the baby. This can also affect the ski in a very bad way and later on a lot of skin disease can appear which can lead to further sufferings. But yes, you may need to take out your baby a few times at summer during day time and there are remedies for that as well. You need to apply a sun screen gel or lotion on the entire body of the baby before going out. The sun screen should be specialised for the infants and this will save the skin from the dangerous ultra violet rays. When you return home, the first thing you need to do is take a piece of soft cloth and wet it in normal water. Then you need to cool the baby’s skin by that wet cloth. Even if any red patch has appeared due to sun rays. It will go away soon. Then you can use an aloe Vera gel on the skin to soothe it down.
  • If you need to go out with your baby during day, try to cover them up as much as possible. Let them wear soft cotton clothes and go for full sleeves shirts and pants. Make your baby wear a hat so that their face also remains covered. 15 minutes before going out, apply the sun screen on their skin. If the baby is 2 or three-year-old or more, you can re-apply the sun screen on them after every two hours.
  • Make your baby drink a lot of water so that their skin remains hydrated and the dryness that is caused can be removed. If the body remains hydrated, the skin will also remain supple. If heat rash appears on the body, then make your baby bathe in Luke warm water. But if it does not go and keeps swelling, then you need to call a doctor.
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