Thursday, 23 March 2017

HGH as a drug interaction

HGH also known as somatotropin is mainly a hormonal growth element generated by pituitary gland. It increases the hormonal growth in the body and activates the cell reproduction and regeneration. It is also used as the treatment for the child suffering from growth development disorder or the people facing the health issues. It is used majorly by the bodybuilders and the athletes for the growth of the muscles, increase in stamina, and athletic performance. The Human Growth Hormone is majorly helpful in hormonal development and health and wellness of the body. It makes you feel young and regenerative.

Side effect of human growth hormone supplements

It is said that the Human Growth Hormone supplement was discovered in the market as treatment and for the mass gaining remedy but the research has shown that the HGH supplement has proved to be the hopeless and is therefore, harmful for the people and their health. 

HGH is not completely clinically proven element and is neither FDA approved. It has many use but the drug interactions are possible if opted by the people. Some of its side effects are:

·         It may increase the level of cholesterol in the body.
·         It may generate the pain in muscles, nerves and joints.
·         It may create and itchiness and insensibility in the skin.
·         It may cause a swelling in the tissues because of the presence of fluid.
·         It may generate the risk of diabetes.
·         It also can cause generating the cancerous tumor.
·         It may reduce the vision and cause pain near nausea and eyes.
The human growth hormonal substance has clinically proved to be inaccurate and has mend to have tremendous side effects. When the HGH component actively interacts to the body it possibly bangs on the body tissues and leaves its hyper effect on the body. It also depends on the dosage of the supplement. The higher dose of the product may cause severe effects on the body. Hence, it is important for the people to consult a doctor before opting for the element and use only the required amount if needed. 

The misuse of the dosage may cause various severe effects:

·         Lower vision
·         Interrupted voice
·         Effect in increase and decrease in urine flow
·         High anxiety
·         Growth of muscles and bones become to be out of control
·         Change in the facial structure
·         Risk of heart attack in men

The numbers of drug interactions are possible in the body of the person getting diagnosed and hence it is very important for the people to consult the doctor regarding the usage of the product and to confirm the quality and quantity used when required. People having adequate amount of hormone tendency in the body, do not need to opt for the HGH supplements as it may create its side effects and cause severe problems. The pain in muscles and joints may leave a high effect. It may also cause numerous kinds of cancers among the people.   


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