Friday, 3 March 2017

The True Scope of Big Data Hadoop for Data Aficionados

Data is perceived as a concept by the thought leaders, which plays the vital role in building the next-level society in future. The open-source culture of Big Data Hadoop has mostly dominated IT environment with both the data & tools which are commonly available & accessible to almost everyone. Several surveys represent the fact that organizations are becoming data-driven which results in having a greater likelihood of customer acquisition, customer retention & profitability. The Big Data Hadoop provides golden opportunities for companies to transform the way they operate generally & to build up new smart processes. A successful data-driven strategy needs critical elements such as investing in new technologies, investing in employees with the appropriate analytics capabilities & developing flexible & feasible strategies. With more organizations using big data, the requirements for data analysts has risen to a bigger level.

With all these amazing & astonishing aspects of Big Data Hadoop, it could be the best choice if you’re looking for a career transitioning. According to CNBC, data analyst job is the sexiest job in the 21st century. It has also become the most sought-after roles. This is a boon for those who are looking for a career change. With a year or two of experience, you can easily earn up to $1, 25, 000.

How Big Data & Hadoop can be the Best Career Move EVER:

  • One of the most important reasons for pursuing the data analyst job is the increasing demand for it. Several job opportunities are there in Big Data Hadoop which eventually proves there is an increasing trend for it. But this is just the beginning! By a couple of years, the size of the Big Data Analytics Trends market will be growing tremendously from its current size. Data professionals who are well experienced in analytics are in high demand constantly as companies are always looking for the best data analyst to work with big data. Most of the organizations are implementing Big Data Analytics actively & they’re considering it to be a high priority matter.
  • The soaring demand of data analyst has resulted in having massive data analyst job opportunities but there is a huge deficiency in meeting the right skill gap. A large number of unfilled jobs in Big Data Hadoop are available globally due to the shortage of the right candidate.
  • The salary aspects of a data analyst are lucrative for qualified professionals. Big Data can pay heftily for the right skill which is being seen globally.
  • Big Data Analytics has become the top priority for most of the organizations because of it provides precise business insights which recognize sales & market opportunities. This also boosts the company’s social media marketing abilities.
  • Several cutting edge technologies like Big Data Analytics are making it easier to deal with massive sets of data. This provides an edge over the competition. The adoption of Apache Hadoop framework is one of the most popular implementations of Big Data Analytics tools.

With so many options available for Big Data aficionados, there are numerous job roles for one to choose from. Several major companies such as IBM, Oracle, Good Data, Panorama & countless others are prioritizing Big Data Analytics for their recent business needs which is certainly a boost to data scientist jobs.


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