Wednesday, 26 April 2017

How much does it cost to hire a housemaid in Dubai?

Housemaid in Dubai had always remained a big question mark for those who want to hire a perfect lady to manage their house-affairs for long term. Fortunately having realized the need of hour, many online consultants are offering Housemaid in Dubai. Many poor people belonging to different backward countries come to Dubai and wok as housemaid to support their families financially.

You may find them easily now and hire them to solve your problem of handling the house affairs yet many people face a certain issues in this regard. For instance, maids do not work for long term and quit the job as soon as they are offered better one. Its solution is very simple. Expecting good maid in meager salary is something unrealistic so it is better if you pay a maid a particular and reasonable salary, housemaid herself will not prefer changing her job as it is even difficult for her to change the job again and again and adjust herself every time into the new environment.

So the simple solution of this problem is to offer her a good salary with other allowances. The normal range of salary of Housemaid in Dubai is between 800 AED to 2000 AED and if you pay her allowance of 500 AED to 1000 AED is sufficient to let her fulfill her needs. It is also advised to increase her salary per year and in this regard experts suggest increasing 200 AED to 400 AED per annum.

Another problem is to find a perfect housemaid in Dubai. Now people are offered online solution for it. You may find many consultants providing you with housemaids of different countries (Bangladeshi, Indonesian, Sri-Lankan, Indian, Filipina etc.) and of different ethnic backgrounds so that if she worships of her religion you do not feel inconvenient so better to find of your own ethnicity.
Consultant provides you with the housemaid of your requirement. You may also find consultants’ offices in Dubai as well. The benefit of hiring a consultant is that they provide you with a housemaid when they are satisfied with her. They take all her documents, copy of their passport and assurance that they would not do anything against Dubai government rules and employer’s will. This ultimately let you development a trust with her.

Now if you hire a housemaid in Dubai and she is bound to live with you in your house, make sure you provide her with everything she needs. Provide her with clean and neat space to live in and necessary things to use in daily life. Also give her enough time to understand your likes and dislikes so that she could act according to them. If she is hired for particular hours and go back daily to her resident, provide her with a phone and SIM card so that you could call her anytime you need her and no communication gap could be raised.
To make a friendly relation with her, give her a comfort zone so that she could feel like a home in your house and work for long term.

To hire a maid, the best and safest way is to contact a consulting agency. It will remove all hurdles.


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