Friday, 5 May 2017

Genius Techniques to Improve Visual Quality of your Website

There are a couple of genius techniques to improve the exterior visual quality of a website. If you are a designer or a company that works with a designer, knowing these techniques will be very beneficial to apply to your own website. It is never enough when it comes to design. As things advance, every website tries to keep up with the latest advancements and satisfy all web visitors. Read below the most genius techniques included from Ntw Designs to improve the visual quality of your website.

1-Menu Hover Shadow.  A menu should always be in a very easy to find the location on a website. However, it is always a great idea to improve and make a menu stand out just a bit more by adding a menu hover shadow. If a visitor moves the mouse around a website and happens to move to the menu section, the menu on mouse hover shadow will do an amazing job to highlight the exact place of each menu item.

2-Image Geometric Shapes. Geometric image shapes are extremely popular for web design. The most common geometric shapes are octagons that include 8 points. Then comes hexagons which include 6 points. Then triangle shapes which include 3 points.

3- Responsive Web Design.  A responsive web design will fit a web design for every new device that it may be browsed upon. CSS Media Queries is are best techniques to instantly make a fixed layout into a fully responsive web design.

4-Less Lines of CSS code. The mark of a professional really shows inside the CSS code. Most professional web designers will use very little lines of CSS code to make up an amazing website design. However, a quick technique to minimize the lines of CSS code is by compression. CSS compression will reduce the unneeded and duplicate lines of code inside a CSS file.

5-Text IT UP.  Increasing the web font size is certainly an amazing design trend, but at the same time, it is also a mobile device technique.  Cell phones have very small screen sizes in comparison to desktop devices. Therefore, increasing the text size on a website will make the web page much more readable for mobile devices and improve the visual design of the web page at the same time.

Follow these 5 genius techniques to improve the quality of your web design!

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