Friday, 26 May 2017

How plastic surgery can help you after a serious dog bite?

Dog bites are usually associated to deep puncture wounds and torn flesh with rare cases of crushed tissue that severely rupture the nerves and muscles. To fix a dog bit on the face is among the most complicated procedure in plastic surgery industry because even careful treatment may leave behind a permanent scar.

Some of the most serious cases following dog bites require multiple procedure of plastic surgery in the UAE for restoration of facial appearance and function. The good news is that, introduction of the latest technology and improved procedure can successfully restore the facial appearance thereby reducing psychological impact of the incident as well as improving the self-esteem dramatically.

The home treatment

As we speak, some cases of dog attack and bite wounds on the face don’t require reconstructive surgery at all. Immediate and thorough medical treatment begins with stopping the bleeding with a clean towel or cloth. Keep the injured area elevated as it also helps in reducing the blood flow.

Once the bleeding stops, gently wash the bite wound with saline solution (if you have) or antiseptic soap and water. This is especially important as dog saliva contain numerous contaminants that may further lead to a serious infection and can be lethal too.

In the end, apply an antibiotic ointment and cover with a sterile bandage which completes the initial treatment. For deeper wounds and persistent bleeding, you might’ve no other option than undergoing plastic surgery in the UAE however only after consulting a medical expert.

Do note that individuals having a suppressed immune system such as diabetics, liver disease or cancer are more prone to develop an infection. Symptoms of contagion/infection include redness, rash, inflammation, bleeding, stinging feel and pus discharge.

Emergency situation

In case the bleeding won’t stop, rush to the emergency or call the doctor immediately. If the bite is from a pet dog, you might want to determine if it has been vaccinated against contagious diseases like rabies which is lethal if left untreated. 

You’ll need to report the bite at the hospital, expect getting antiseptic shower shot if you haven’t had one recently as well as rabies preventive shots in case you’re unable to determine if the dog had rabies.

Benefits of plastic surgery

If the dog bite on the face is severe enough to warrant a visit to the hospital or perhaps overnight stay, plastic surgery in the UAE is the only remedy. Typical therapies such as stitches aren’t applicable whereas some surgeons won’t use stitches at all due to the risk of infection.

Bite may be deeper than it looks and a patient may suffer from damaged muscles, nerves or bones, dead or ruptured tissues that can only be healed through reconstructive therapy. The first facial therapy is performed to reduce appearance of unsightly scars as it may contribute to common post-bite psychological syndrome like PTSD

Depending on severity of the bite, an individual may undergo several revision surgeries.


Plastic surgery in the UAE following dog bite wounds is performed through advance procedures such as laser technology, fillers and post-operative scar management practices. Camouflage makeup may be applied.


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