Tuesday, 30 May 2017

How to Get Customer Recommendations For Your Small Business

A smile and a few kind words are enough to win someone over. Picture visiting a store. How do you expect the staff to greet you? Probably with courtesy and helpful advice. Well, as a small business owner you should treat prospective clients in the same way.
This mindfulness of your clients' needs can help you to get top customer recommendations down the line. So, to make sure you have the right tools to provide a quality customer interactions we've put together this helpful guide. Read on to discover top tips on how to get customer recommendations for your small business.

Provide the best services

Customers desire your respect and the best service around. When they are providing you with their business it is only a fair exchange to treat them properly. Remember, your clients could have gone anywhere to have their project tended to. Yet, they chose you. So, make sure to be nice, respectful and helpful so that they return home with a smile on their face.

Follow up with clients

Always follow up with your clients; it is best to keep in touch so that you come to mind once they have a new project that suits your skills. A friendly phone call or email is the best way to ensure the client remembers you. Following up on your clients will show them that you’re interested in continuing to work with them.

Let them know you're open to other projects

Once you have successfully gained a permanent client, they may be interested in hiring you in the future or even refer you to other clients. To keep this potential opportunity open, it is as simple as staying in contact with them. Word of mouth is one of the best marketing techniques even in the day and age of the internet. By keeping your past customers updated, you can find new clients in your local area.

Reward referrals

Incentivising your referrals is an excellent way to attract more business. Everyone loves getting surprises and small gifts. For instance, offering a discount on future work for clients who refer you can be a very attractive offer and end up bringing you in more clients.


Small or big, businesses need customers to prosper. Your customers help your business to grow and expand. So remember to treat them right. Offer great service, keep in touch, reward referrals and even ask your customer is they wouldn't mind reviewing you. Implementing each of these steps will set you on the right track for growing your business.
Then, if your customers do provide you with reviews you can upload them to your Bidvine profile for local service professionals. Reviews are a top way to let future customers know about skills, expertise and customer service.


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