Thursday, 25 May 2017

Visit Keshav Srushti for Great Experience

About Keshav Srushti

It is the tribute to one of the Indian visionary of 20th century Dr Keshav Balram Hedgewar who is the main founder of RSS. He has dedicated himself to the service of the nation. A person inspired by their vision has created Keshav Srushti which becomes the benchmark for innovative education having a versatile feature in it.  The main aim of this foundation is to provide social services by creating some social leaders and dedicated citizens in the country. This land is donated by Dr Sharadchandra Ajinkya who is the Principal of veterinary college in Mumbai. 

This place is the home of different species, including flora and fauna, herbal plants with mango and coconut plantations. For the last 25 years, it has gained success and able to explore themselves by creating other 6 institutions with the help of their main head. In this Institution, you will come across a creative and innovative approach in teaching along with providing latest technology based teachings which help in shaping the young minds in a better way.  The Approach should also cover environment friendly practices. It is also working on renewable energy projects which will help Entire County in making Self –reliance in Energy.

 This place is situated 35 km from Mumbai airport. It covers done the total area of 200 acres of agriculture land along with green valley. Visitors will also come across with herbal plants along with fruits and forest wealth which gave them the best experience in the related field. This campus includes rolling hills of man-made and natural garden which catch the attractions of many visitors at a single view. 

Visitors will enjoy tress of mango along with coconut plants which are the main beauty of the campus. Big pond of fresh water will increase their beauty and make this place as attractive and unique one.  A Trip to this place can be covered in a single day which gives you the best experience of nature in today period. This place is situated in the heart of nature and spread itself into greenery hills.

Main features of Keshav Srushti

  • Coconut and mango plantation

  • Trees having fruit in it.

  • Diversity in Bio field which includes biogas plant along with solar energy

  • All kinds of herbal plants

  • Forest wealth

  • Good Eco system

  • Display board providing information about birds, insects and reptiles.

Some reviews about this place

It goes on to provide an ideal green environment if you are on the lookout for any picnic spot in the hustle and bustle of the life in Mumbai. It happens to be a private and at the same time a paid picnic spot which is situated at a land of 200 acres.  In the month of January 2014, this place went on to achieve a name in the Guinness book of world records by organizing a solar oven cooking class which had close to 3369 participants which was the largest at that point of time.

Thus,we can conclude that this best place which gives visitors nice experience in a nature field where they will come across with different methods of learning along with enjoying natural beauty which can gain more attraction of people in entire field. Visitors can visit the website in order to get entire details about the same.


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