Monday, 28 August 2017

Indonesia’s Remarkable Marine National Parks

If you are searching for a good tourist destination to run away from your messy daily life, marine national parks can be great spots to choose. Marine national parks ecosystems offer exceptional tourist attractions and unforgettable experience for your dream vacation.

The following list will describe about several remarkable marine national parks in Indonesia that you can choose for your vacation spot:
  • KepulauanSeribu: this famous tourist destination is situated at the north part of Jakarta coast, extending 45 km to the Sea of Java. The capital of this regency is Pramuka Island and it becomes the only Regency in Jakarta area. From 108 islands available, only 36 of them are allowed to be developed for recreational purpose. Among those 36 islands, only 13 islands are currently developed comprehensively, with 2 of them become historic parks, and the rest are for resorts. Other undeveloped islands are mostly support for a fishing village or simply uninhabited.
  • Taka Bonerate National Park: established in 1992 by Ministry of Forestry as national park, Taka Bonerate National Park consists of marine area with atoll islands in the middle. It is situated in Flores Sea, the southern marine area of Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. In 2015, UNESCO included this national park as one of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves. The main ecological significance of this national park is the atoll, which provide habitat to various bird and marine life. It is claimed to have some of the highest biodiversity of marine life in the world.
  • KepulauanTogean National Park: situated at Togean Island, in Tomini Bay, Central Sulawesi, the national park is famous for its extraordinary marine biota and breathtaking coral reefs. In this national park, you can snorkel and dive at Kadidiri Island, going on fishing, explore the beauty of forests and wildlife in Malenge Island, and also visit Mount Colo in Una-una Island. You are also able to visit Bajo housing in Kabalutan Area. Due to the volcanic activity around the island, the lands are well-fertilized, thus become a very good place for trees and plants to grow.
  • Karimunjawa National Park: for those who are searching for a place with great marine life near Java Island, this national park can be a great option. It is only 80 km to the northwest from Jepara Regency. Established in 2001 as Marine Protection Area, this archipelago offers various activities to do, such as cultural trip to learn the traditions and custom of local people, the infamous magnificent coral reefs and white sandy beach, challenging hiking through its hills, and pilgrimage to the Cemetery of SunanNyamplungan, who was believed to be the one who found the archipelago.

The marine national parks that are listed above are some of the best marine national parks in Indonesia that you can visit according to reviews by experienced travelers. Those marine national parks are the great representatives for Indonesia’s beautiful marine life that you cannot find it everywhere. This beauty will surely become a good memory that you cannot forget for the rest of your life.


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