Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Value of Pre-Employment Testing

 There are many benefits of using well designed pre-employment tests. But it can be tough to figure out what is to be used for your company, given the numerous options.

During the hiring process, employersdesire to find out maximum but relevant information about potential candidates. The fact is that the traditional modes of selection- resume and interview are woefully inappropriate for choosing the right person for the job.

Resumes are notorious for being unreliable. As per research, over 70% of resumes feature misleading statements while over 40% contain outright lies. Also, interviews- especially unstructured ones result in subjective assessments and are poor predictors of capability for job role.

On the other hand well validated and professionally developed tests like aptitude tests, leadership assessment online tests and personality tests are objective and reliable modes of collecting job related information about candidates. A measure of objectivity is provided by pre-employment tests which provide concrete outcomes that may be standardized for all candidates. This data can be used by employers to make legally defensible and better informed hiring decisions.

 More crucial is the fact that pre-employment testing can help improve bottom line of your business. But the general trend is that most companies are wasting more time on hiring and also, they are making bad hiring decisions.

Pre-employment testing helps deal with both concerns. It helps reduce time and cost spent on holding interviews and mistakes committed in assessing fraudulent resumes. Tests also improve the quality of hiring by providing objective, reliable data which helps avoid bad hiring decisions. In the long run, it will improve bottom line of company, increase productivity of workers and lower turnover.


Pre-employment tests offer a wide range of benefits which not only streamline the process of hiring but also add to strength of the entire organization. Such testing helps align employee selection process and coveted business outcomes like increased sales, low turnover and improved customer satisfaction.

Some of the crucial benefits accruing to companies that use pre-employment testing include:

  •  Improved productivity
  •  Rise in employee retention
  •  Reduced costs of turnover ( costs of hiring and training)
  •  Efficiency and time savings in hiring process
  • Enhanced defensibility of hiring process by using validated, objective metrics.

High Productivity

As per research, well validated and designed pre-employment tests can accurately predict employee productivity in a number of roles, across industries. Tests are most efficient for evaluating whether candidate has required ability, knowledge and skills to fit a job role.

Employee Retention

Pre-employment testing by choosing the right candidate for the right job ensures that employees can perform well in their jobs and thus increase job satisfaction. This reduce both voluntary and involuntary turnover. This improves reputation of the company.

Reduced Costs of Turnover

By retaining employees, cots of recruiting, selecting and training can be reduced. Also costs of payments to departing employees can be saved.

Efficiency and Time Savings

Pre-employment testing can screen out unworthy candidates and ‘resume spammers’. It limits time wasted on finding the right candidate for the job.

Increased Defensibility

The hiring process becomes legally defensible by using equitable and non-discriminatory methods like pre-employment tests. For instance, there will be no controversy when you use leadership assessment online test that has been developed scientifically and in a legally defensive manner.

These are some aspects about pre-employment tests.


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