Monday, 25 September 2017

How to use search engine optimization (SEO) data to sell more?

To offer customized results to the questions, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing analyse user behaviour deeply. SEO pros, on their own, use traffic analytics to meet search engine needs. All such information is very valuable for marketing and sales. This standard of communication facilitates a personalized communication with prospects. This leads to a higher conversion rate and increased revenue. If users are given what they are looking for, they will locate you. Statistically speaking, businesses see 42% higher conversion rate and 19% rise in sales when they deal with leads and customers basis their account. This post will tell you how it works.

Intelligence for planning and prediction
Google is magnanimous enough to make available some of its data to marketers through a variety of services like Google Trends for websites, Google Insights for search, and Wonder Wheel. Before going on to develop promotion strategies and plans, check these trends to identify what topics interest your customers at what period. To give you an example, if you are selling custom jeans online and you check Google Trends to find that there is a Pokémon Go boom during that period. You can benefit from this by having jeans with Pokémon Go stickers stuck to them.

Get a 3D view of your customers to sell more using SEO data

The better you know your audience; the better will be your sales. Now the question that arises is how do you know your audience better?
  • Keyword research helps to determine what is hot in your line of business
  • Data and engagement metrics found in Google analytics tell us how much time customers spend on which page of your site
  • In AdWordslocation reports, you will be able to see physically where your customer has clicked on your website. This gives you data to tailor your product/service

You can use “near me” campaigns to improve your performance and increase the conversion rate. Many companies used location data and geo-conquesting tools to improve post click conversion rates.

Work with hot leads
Today, internet technology is employed to acquire information on leads. These are hot leads. A particular website may allow access to a report posted online after their customer shares their email id and cell phone number. In this way, the website is generating leads for itself. These are the hot leads. Once you collect contact information, you are sure to get closer to your customers. Then you can focus your sales team only on these hot leads, thus generating more sales.

Thus, it is clear now how one can use SEO data to sell more to its customers. There are many ways to get such data. The internet is just one way of getting closer to your customer, by collecting his contact information. Such information is collected by professional SEO services India from your website. All this data is then used to improve the sales of your product/service. It is surprising how useful SEO data is for marketing purposes.


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