Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Coping up With Breathing Problems During Pregnancy

The moment you are pregnant there is going to be a need for more oxygen. The body goes on to adapt it in various ways. The rising levels of hormonal changes affect your lungs and stimulate respiratory system of your brain.
The number of breaths which you take during pregnancy is not going to change a great deal during pregnancy, the air that you inhale or exhale tends to alter with each and every breath.

When you are short of breath during the early stages of pregnancy it does mean that there is  an awareness or need to breathe more. In the later stages of pregnancy more pressure is being put on the uterus if the baby is higher. This could also happen if you are carrying multiples or an excessive amount of amniotic fluid. To a certain extend respiratory disease in pregnancy medicine could provide a certain degree of relief. In fact shortness of breath during pregnancy could also be felt if you already have some pre existing condition like asthma or high blood pressure.

How to cope up with shortness of breath during pregnancy

In the starting stage of pregnancy you are likely to face problems with shortage of breath and as you proceed this problem is going to aggravate all the more. Once the baby starts to drop you feel that breathing does become a lot easy. If the baby has still not dropped in still, you can feel shortness of breath.

The following tips will help you to breathe easy

  • ·      When you maintain a good posture while standing or sitting is going to remove pressure on your lungs

  • ·       Gentle form of exercises like swimming or walking can maintain good condition of your heart.

  • ·      When you are sleeping position yourself properly and if possible rely on the use of pregnancy pillows.

  • ·      Do not overdo any activity and even if it relates to household chores. Do take your time and listen to your body. The body is going to send out strong signals on when there is a need to take rest.

·      A balanced proper diet is the key to ensure a proper weight gain. Do avoid foods that are rich in sugar, fat and salt. If you put on excessive weight it is going to contribute to your breathlessness.

·     Make it a point that you decrease your intake of caffeine as this could lead to dehydration. Do increase the intake of water as it is going to prevent dehydration. During pregnancy water is very important and even after pregnancy when you breastfeed.

The key is not to do overdo things. You can ask someone close to you may be your relatives or your better half to help in your household chores. Once you are pregnant you would need to make some changes whereby adaption to life is going to become much better. You can take solace from the fact that shortness of breath is not going to harm the baby. Any respiratory infection medicine during pregnancy is to be consumed with the advice of a doctor.


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