Thursday, 29 March 2018

Aptitude: What it really means

Our earth is populated by seven billion different humans, and each one a unique individual. But among this vast population are those few who stand out with higher intellect and intelligence among other attributes. These individuals are in high demand and one way to help identify them is by conducting tests. Aptitude tests as they are called can help distinguish among crowds to find people who are skilled and smarter than the rest. 

Many institutions such as schools, colleges and workplaces take full advantage of this. They conduct fairly frequent tests of this kind, to measure and evaluate the skills of people. In school and colleges, they determine if the test taker will be a suitable recipient of further education and whether they can be a difference maker in society.  

Workplaces are where the real need for aptitude comes into play. A worker with a high skill level and talent is what every company or organization desires. With the technology and software available today most of these tests are conducted online. It is far more efficient and easier for companies to conduct it in this manner. The traditional pen and paper method is time-consuming and costs companies a lot of money. Instead, the online way is way faster as they yield results almost immediately. The test takers can get their scores and find out where and what they are proficient in and where they need improvement. 

Online quantitative aptitude tests as are commonly referred to as have been adopted by almost every company in two parts; first as an initial test during recruitment and secondly as a test to gauge their employee’s aptitude and cognitive skill in an intra-company testing method. 

In a hiring setup, most companies look for good candidates from a pool of thousands and have to painstakingly go through each one of them to find a few good ones. Then came along aptitude tests and it revolutionized the hiring system, these tests could easily filter out the top percentile of candidates and was relatively hassle-free. But this still meant conducting tests and investing a good amount of time and money. Online tests are what really changed the game, results could be received instantaneously and almost no human input is required to get results. The results are also well detailed and contain far better metrics, than which can be derived from human examination in the same time period.  

In an intra-company testing setup, companies conduct it very timely, almost yearly and sometimes even bi-annually. These help companies evaluate their employees’ frame of mind and how their thinking is affecting their decision making. Critical data from these tests can help place employees in a more suited job role and which would mean more productivity for the employees.

Overall testing is an efficient way to find out very important statistics about employees and how simple changes can be implemented to get the maximum out of them. Aptitude is an important and fundamental value that every quality hire must embody, it is what has led to the company to place their trust in them in the first place.


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