Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Institutions Offering Courses on Bitcoin Technologies

We have all witnessed the popularity of bitcoins in past few years. Many of us even invested in it. So what does make bitcoin so appealing? People have diverse reasons for adopting this form cryptocurrency. However, the primary character that makes bitcoins prominent among masses is that it is different from conventional money as it’s decentralized. The bitcoin network is not controlled by any single institution which works in the favor of a lot of people who do not prefer a huge bank controlling their money.

With the growing bitcoin economy, people all around the world wish to gain knowledge of the bitcoin protocol. Until this time, many people were doing self-study on bitcoins through resources online. However, now there are a couple of decent institutions that provide cryptocurrency followers a platform to attain training in order to educate and create a pool of bitcoin professionals. 

1). The Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium

If you want to be a certified bitcoin specialist, Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium is the correct place for you. It offers three kinds of courses that help students in becoming a Certified Bitcoin Professional, a Certified Bitcoin Expert or else a Certified Ethereum Developer.

Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP)

CBP promises the students to provide an in-depth understanding of how bitcoin works. It covers transactions as well as network operation. By doing this course, professionals can apply learnings about bitcoin to their area of expertise. The duration of the course is two years and the fees include 95 dollars for the course and also 30 dollars as the renewal fee.

Certified Bitcoin Expert (CBX)

The course named CBX can provide individuals with expert level expertise. CBX also comprises of chapters on blockchain technologies, so that the students are capable of developing blockchain applications as well. It is a three years long course, however, it is no available for the students as yet.

2). Digital Currency Council

The organization is well-known for providing excellent digital currency training along with certification. DCC was created by David Berger in 2014. It has been claimed by this establishment that they currently include fifteen hundred members from almost ninety nations worldwide.

The Digital Currency Council offers an online program that is seven hours long. The course costs 299 dollars for the students appearing for the final exam. The advisory faculty of DCC covers six areas that are known as the core competencies which comprises of:

•    cryptocurrency technical underpinnings
•    monetary implications
•    practical use
•    bitcoin’s ecosystem
•    accounting
•    legal subjects

3). Coursera: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

It’s a course initiated by the Princeton University that is completely free of cost. The course is surrounded by the technical aspects of the indigenous technology. The class is taken by Assistant Professor Arvind Narayanan who teaches a range of lessons that includes the concept of cryptocurrency along with cryptographic building blocks.
After you complete this course, you will be able to know about the actual facts about bitcoin together with other cryptocurrencies. It will also become possible for you to develop a theoretical base to build a secure software that collaborates with the bitcoin network.


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