Friday, 11 May 2018

Machine Learning is the Big Thing Right Now.

We are all pretty aware about how AI has entered our daily lives or at least we are told so. This is true to a certain point. There are things that we do with the help of certain factions of Artificial Intelligence. But as a whole AI is a very loaded term with a larger significance than most of us realize. It is rather a narrow area under the vast umbrella of AI that has, in recent times, had the utmost effect on the Southeast Asian industries and market. Of course, we are talking about machine learning here.

“Machine Learning is the big one, not AI… We are talking about the very narrow field of machine learning”, says Duncan Stewart, the director of technology, media and telecommunication research at Deloitte, Canada. He said this while addressing the issue of key tech-trends in Southeast Asia.

Key areas of penetration through machine learning

Tech giants like Google and Amazon have been using machine learning for quite a long while. However, it can hardly be denied that the miraculous role of machine learning in India is more enunciated as it is in fact. We have all heard or read about the self driven cars and the Go playing robots. But what beats the eye is that these are subjects of research and have not yet got wholesome applicability in the industry.

What really is making the difference right now are the processes like regression, classification and recommendation which are used to solve very specific problems. This is how machine learning has really revolutionized marketing and customer services. It is penetrating other social and commercial areas, but that is a slow and long term process.

Identification of the problem

Where most analytics ventures go wrong is in the lack of clarity about the desired result after the process. This is where the importance of people with machine learning certification lies.
They are supposed to be trusted with company’s data. Provided with a target, these professionals can identify and find a probable cure for the specific problems.

So, one can sum up by saying that machine learning is more of a problem solving tool right now rather than a field of scientific fantasies.

What does it take to become a machine learning professional?
It is an advanced subject, let there be no second thoughts or half measures regarding that. You need a steady hold statistics. You should be adept in handling languages like Python or R. The basics of computer science should be clear to you. With a solid background, if you undergo a machine learning certification course, it should see you through.

The demand for machine learning professionals is increasing phenomenally around the world, India being no exception. Apart from the big players like Amazon, Google, Netflix etc. a lot of Indian companies from various trades are integrating machine learning in their systems, be it for enhanced customer management or for streamlining business process. It is, as Mr Duncan Stuart says 'the big game’.


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