Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Tips on how to prevent breast cancer

The biopsy tests may deem to be positive in terms of breast cancer. This would send shivers down the spine of a woman. Ever since that time frame a lot of time and money has been spend on eradicating this form of cancer. But the tragic part is that a lot has not been achieved in terms of cancer prevention. As per the inputs of breast cancer treatment in India it would be easy to prevent it rather than removing it after a disease.

You need to take note of the fact that cancer works out to be a systematic disease. This could be even if you find it manifested in your breast tissue. But the actual problem does cease to be worldwide. For this sole reason you cannot prevent breast cancer by the specifics involved in it. You need to make necessary changes in your lifestyle as well. In the midst of all this you can go on to make a lot of changes in your lifestyle so that breast cancer can be prevented.

Your diet should be full of plant based foods where raw foods should take over

To prevent genetic mutation diet does appear to be a cog in the wheel. It could go on to provide you protection from cancer. But the question that would come to your mind is which type of diet. It has come to our notice that the blood does have a lot of compounds of anti-cancer. It would take up to a good thing. Another study which reveals that if you are a veggie the chances of cancer reduce by 34 %  in comparison to people who have meat. Do not indulge in over eating or any form of chemical additives.

Cut down on smoking or alcohol

If you have a single glass of drink a day it does increase the chance of having cancer by high as 7 %. In fact if you go on to increase your consumption by 3 to 4 glasses a week, increase the chances of having cancer by as high as 34 %.

Though you can confer the fact that smoking would be associated with lung cancer, but the carcinogens that is present in the cigarettes go on to have an impact on the entire system. In fact this risk is going to double if you plan to smoke before the arrival of your first baby. It does go on to increase the recurrence of it by as large as 34 %.

Cut down on your weight

One of the main causes of breast cancer appears if you tend to be overweight. This is all the more so after menopause. So the rule to be followed is to eat right and be healthy as far as possible. This would help you get rid of the unwanted flabs.

Perhaps the best course of action to cut down on breast cancer would be to have regular levels of physical activity. This cuts down the risk by almost the half.

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